Nature & Wildlife Guide

There are 3 Levels; Basic, Advanced and Specialist N&W Guide.

Level 1 (Basic)
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In this course we focus on Birds & Mammals .
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Specialized Guides will lead the students through different landscapes in the Netherlands (total of 10 days).
During the 8 months of this course, Students work on a Monitoring project on 1 km3, Monitoring birds, mammals and plants (amphibians, reptiles and insects).
Subject of the course:
– Birds
– Mammals
– Analyse different Eco zones & Monitoring.
– Tracking
– Camera traps
– Map, Compass and GPS
– Flora (basics)
– Fish, insects, amphibians and reptiles (Basics)

B: A total of 5 days in the Bialowieza forest (Poland) with local guides and specialists.

– Written exam (70% minimum score)
– Monitoring project
– > 80% attendance

Costs Level 1: € 800,-
(exclusive overnighters, travel, insurance, meals and drinks, entrance fee for Parks etc)

Level 2 (Advanced)
* Local Guides can apply directly for a Level 2 Course and Certification, depending on Experience and Knowledge.

For the level 2 certificate Guides have to specialize in at least one Region and / or animal species.

– One Region: A total of 10 days training in that region.
– Two and more Regions: A minimum of 5 Days training for each region.

We (in collaboration with our partners) offer Level 2 training programs at these locations :

– Rocky Mountains ( Canada) Wolves
– Bialowieza (Poland) Birds and Mammals

In the future these areas will follow:
– Alps (France)
– Carpathians ( Romania)

(Photo: Arek Szymura, Pygmy Owl Nature Tours)

Level 3 (Specialist)
To become a Level 3 N&W Guide, Guides need at least one Specialization Course.
–  Tracking Specialist
–  CSWI Level 1
–  Interpretive Guide European Wilderness Areas (coming up soon)
–  IGA Professional Interpretive Guide

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N&W rood zonder schaduw